venerdì 25 aprile 2008

Voodoo/McGoblin Girl

Here is the original chart for the Voodoo Boy. Here below is my interpretation of the design for my friend, Harmien, who was experiencing lots of trouble from "McGoblins" in her neighborhood! I chose to make a McGoblin Girl/Voodoo Girl because I think women are so much stronger against evil forces, don't you??? :]

Voodoo (Boy) "McGoblin Girl"

Haberdashery Designs

Stitched on: Hand-dyed fabric 32 ct. by Silkweavers

Kreinik metallics and "Glow in the Dark" threads! :]

mixed with some DMCs

Delica beads, silk ribbon & sequins

This little design is meant to be a pincushion, and I've added the fancy pins for fun! Also, changed the shape of the "doll" and added her silk rose to her dress. Deb

mercoledì 2 aprile 2008

Coffee is Magic

Coffee is Magic
changed in:
fabric: Zweigart 32 count Belfast raw/gold metallic
threads: I've changed the colours and used variegated threads
Stitched by Veronica